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If you think food access and affordability is FAIR Student nutrition and health is FAIR And empowering people everywhere to have access to healthy choices is FAIR And food security for everyone is FAIR

Business leaders, join us as we end child hunger, one school at a time.
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The Pledge

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By joining FAIR, businesses of all sizes commit to:
  1. Working with a school over multiple years to fill the gaps and ensure that school is food- and nutrition-secure. We will work with an NGO to help determine criteria and “certify” a school meets the standard.
  2. Advocating for school meal programs and child nutrition at the local, state, or federal level. This is a public-private partnership and government has a role and must be accountable.
  3. Paying your employees a minimum wage of at least $15/hour to begin to lift the community and help address the underlying reasons hunger exists in a community.
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Our Goal

Our shared goal is to create 50 food- and nutrition-secure schools by 2030.

Through our FAIR partnership, we can finally put a system in place to end child hunger in America, one school at a time.

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Our Commitment

Chobani is committing to adopting three schools—one in each of our hometowns in Twin Falls, Idaho; Central New York; and New York City. We commit to collaborating with each school to identify and fill the hunger gaps to make real and lasting change.

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Why Us

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At Chobani, we believe in crafting delicious, nutritious food that’s better-for-you. But our mission to provide nutritious food that is accessible to all does not stop with the people who buy our products. It is our responsibility to serve the communities in which we live, work, and operate, and especially important to feed, nurture, and empower children.

Bringing an end to child hunger is one of our top philanthropic priorities. Meaningful progress in this effort has been possible through partnerships with leading advocates. But there is still so much to do.

We are on a mission to eradicate child hunger in schools across the nation. FAIR is a holistic approach, not a bandaid solution. To truly move the needle, we need your support. We are calling on businesses of all sizes to join FAIR to adopt a school in their community, and pledge to end child hunger for good.

We think that’s FAIR.

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Partners to be announced